5 Amazing breakfast recipes for kids

Heavy breakfast is nothing if it does not meet the health requirements for any kid. Every kid requires healthy food for growth. It is the responsibility of every mother or anyone taking care of the kid to feed the kid with essential diet as opposed to bulk or sugary meals.

A healthy breakfast is a composite of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and protein. These meals fuel your kid before the kid gets to eat again. Fruits should also feature in the breakfast meal set to push the child for the day. Below is a rundown of five breakfast recipe that will leave an impact on your kids in the day.

  1. Banana smoothie

Freeze the bananas slices a night before making the creamy beverage. This will make the beverage a bit thicker. Take a cupful of low-fat milk, honey, a ripe banana(s) and crushed ice in a blender. Process the mixture to a fine fluid. Add yogurt until the mixture is well blended. It will also contribute to cold of the beverage in the summer morning. The banana smoothie can be served alone or matched with a handful of whole grain, or granola bar.

  1. Pumpkin cream cheese muffins

A better way of starting your morning is when you have tasty pumpkin spice flavored breakfast. It is a super easy breakfast treat for toddlers. This can be packaged along with some cream cheese. You may decide to use organic pumpkin puree or any other pumpkin at your disposal. You can spice up the muffins using chopped nuts or streusel topping. Melt the butter and combine it with sour cream, whole milk, pumpkin, or vanilla extract. Beat the mixture to a complete blend. Add the flavors and stir. Gently pour the content holding the wet mixture into the dry mix. Mix this content with some softened cream and sugar and roll a small ball of cream cheese mixture on the muffin surface. Bake in the oven or any other heat source for about 15-20 minutes.

  1. Fruit roll-ups

These one too are a rich breakfast for your kid. You need to have yogurt, cottage cheese, or nut butter ready. Sprinkle as you spread a thin layer of cream on the whole grain tortilla. Add fruit to the top and roll it up. You can allow your kids to have a bite on their own or slice the roll-ups into smaller rounds. The latter is a more comfortable means if you need your kid to feed on themselves. For smaller children who cannot feed on their own, you may decide to smash the mixture in a bowl. In this mixture, you may add some berries or bananas, or even grapes. It all depends on child’s favorite.

  1. Eggs in a nest

Eggs in a nest can make quick and easy breakfast. Heat the electric griddle to a considerable heat or heat the pan over medium-high heat. Pour one teaspoonful of butter on the pan or griddle. Using a cookie cutter, cut the shape of your choice in mid of the bread. On each side of the piece of bread, add some butter. Place the bread on the grill, with the butter side facing downwards. Break the eggs from the nest into a small saucer and gently pour it into the content on the griddle/pan. Allow the stuff to cook until the egg is golden brown. Flip to cook both sides. Serve the break immediately the eggs are off the pan.

Take two slices of whole wheat bread.

  1. Strawberry smoothie

This is among the most popular smoothie recipes. You can make the smoothie using fresh or frozen strawberries. Frozen ones give your smoothie icy milk-like texture. They harbor no artificial ingredients, and this fact makes them stand out. If you are using frozen strawberries, make sure that they are kept safe in a freezer the night before the real deal. Crush the strawberry in a container and mix it with some orange juice or soymilk, or both. Add half a cup of vanilla yogurt in the content and one tablespoonful of honey. Transfer this mixture contained in a blender. The result is a terrific healthy finger-licking breakfast for your toddler!

The takeaway

With the breakfast as mentioned above options, you can pick on any and have your child’s day start off on a high note. The breakfast is both sumptuous and healthy. The contents of these meals speak volume about their health. They are fast to prepare and sweet to taste. Overall, the mouthwatering delicacies are the best source of power to propel your kid the rest of the day!