5 ways to protect your children from bullying

Bullying is a common vice in majority of schools and residences. It has been the norm for many years in most learning institutions. If you are not careful as a parent, things may end up so bad for your child. The victims of bullying are usually beaten by their peers, ridiculed and even their food or money is grabbed from them. This may make a child lose self-esteem and also get injured due to the violence that comes with it. In case of someone hitting your child’s head, it may cause a brain injury leading to mental illness. Many bullies also tend to ridicule on a child’s weakness; this means that any child is susceptible to bullying since no one is perfect, everyone one has a flaw. It is high time you should look for the ways to guard your child against bullying unless you want your child to have the problems mentioned above.

How do you protect your child from bullying?

Contact the administration or the bully’s parents:

Once your child reports to you that he or she has been bullied in school, you should communicate with the school administration as soon as possible. Every school has its disciplinary measures for any indiscipline case such as bullying. This means that the bully will get punished and will from thereon never bully your child. No child wants to get punished every single day.

Perhaps the bully comes from the neighboring estate or house; you should inform his or her parents since they are the ones who know him better and they will naturally make an effort to make the bullying stop either by punishment or talking to their child. However, most parents prefer disciplining the children due to their stubborn nature. Talking to them often fails to produce the required results.

Build his or her self-esteem:

Self-esteem is crucial in the development of a child’s character. You should encourage your kid and tell to see him or herself as someone exceptional. As mentioned in the introduction, bullies take to take advantage of a child’s weaknesses; it may be how your child walks, talks, eats etc. For you to boost your child’s self-esteem, you should make him or her concentrate on the strengths he or she has, it may be drawing or even singing among others. You should keep telling the child how he is good at maybe swimming, gymnastics etc. depending on what his or her hobbies are. This dramatically works in raising a kid’s self-esteem.

Lack of self-esteem makes a kid an easy target for bullies. Kids lacking self-confidence usually do not have any friends, but they remain aloof having the thought that they are useless or worthless. Motivate your child to join clubs and participate in various activities like hiking, bicycle riding etc. and in the process, he or she will make friends and even find out something he or she is good at which will end up boosting his or her confidence.

Always listen to the child’s complaints without heckling him or her

Some parents become angry when their children report a bully to them. They begin telling the child on how he or she is weak till he fails to defend him or herself or fight back. This should not be the case; you must be there for support. This will encourage the kid that you understand what he or she is going through and you are ready to help.

Monitor your child’s behavior too; he may be a teaser:

Your child may be the one who teases his or her fellow peers with offensive words leading to him or her being beaten up then at home he or she was bullied yet it was your child who caused it. Teach your child how to talk nicely to other kids. Observe how he or she speaks to the neighborhood friends and even his or her siblings. Through this, you’ll find out whether or not your child is the problem.

Encourage your child to keep calm when confronted.

Advise your child always to hold his or her anger when confronted by a bully. When a child gets upset or starts crying, this is what motivates the bullying to keep on harassing a child.

With the above tips, you are sure of preventing bullies from harming your child. As you have read in this passage, bullying can pose a severe risk to the physical and psychological health of a child.