7 ways to handle sibling rivalry

Children rivalry is something that comes automatically and sometimes controlling becomes a challenge especially if you don’t have experience on how to deal with it. The conflict begins even before the second child is born when the mother is expecting, and it continues as the children go through various stages in life. The children rivalry features a lot of competition for everything from attention from parents to material things, and they develop jealous that can even make them fight every time they disagree. As a parent of the two or more children is your responsibility to take charge and control the rivalry since it may continue up to adult level and may become dangerous at that point. Handling the situation when your children are still young will be better as they will grow as brother and sisters seeing each other as equals.

How to handle the children rivalry

When notice your children are competing for your attention as a parent automatically know that there is the rivalry between your siblings and it’s time to act. Here are some ways you can use to solve and control the competition;

Keep your children busy by giving them something to do

In many cases, children start competing for parent’s attention when they are idle and the best way to keep them busy by giving them some simple tasks to do at home just to keep them busy. Sometimes you can provide them with a project that will bring them together and in the long run create a strong bond that will make them great friends. Alternatively, you can give each child a different project in different positions to ensure no one is idle like pulling out small art kit can be a perfect idea for your siblings.

Spend time with all your children

Many parents in the current generation don’t have time to spend with their children, and that’s the best way to control children’s conflict at home. Spending time with the children makes them feel important and feel they have your attention thus they will feel no need to compete due to the strong bonding you will create. There are so many ways to spend your time with your kids, like playing together, watching movies or reading them a storybook makes them forget their jealousy and be brother’s keeper.

Take your children to play date parties or events

Once in a while when you are free or during holidays take your children to play parties to meet other kids from different families and have fun together. By the time your kids are leaving the party, they will have forgotten any conflict they have, and the good thing with children is that they do forget quickly take advantage of that to create bonds between them. Bouncing on a castle with other children your kids will begin to feel the brother wood in them and eventually they will feel for each other that way to solve the rivalry they had.

Treat the children equally

The mistake parents make one child feel unique over the other, and that’s what brings about the competition between them. For instance, if the children fight doesn’t start looking for who was right and who was not if you want to punish them, make sure all of them get the punishment. In times of buying clothes or toys make sure you get something for each of them. That way your kids will feel both loved and will rarely engage themselves in any conflict.

Give your children equal opportunities

Children need space to have fun and do their things like playing with their favorite friends allow them to do so. You will realize once children go to play each with her friends when they come back children chat about how they were playing, and that brings about bonding which is essential in ensuring they don’t conflict.

Understand the feelings of your children

Everybody from the children has different attitudes toward everything in life make you sure you understand how your kids feel about some things in the family. Appreciate their beliefs and encourage them to do what they love, you will find it easy to handle any of your kid’s attitude once you understand them.

Help your kids to solve their differences themselves

Ensure you remind them every time that they are brothers and sisters and give them regular warnings against competing or fighting. Teach your kids how to forgive each other and eventually you will notice the rivalry will minimize, and when arises they are in a position to forgive and move on.

Siblings require proper upbringing and how you teach them while young they will grow that way, thus ensure you make them understand their relationship at an early stage for them to grow peacefully.