How to help your kids make the most of free time

Gone are the days when people forced kids to work for long hours in mines or chimneys for so little money or none at all. While that is great news, kids still need to be given light duties to balance out the time they spend playing. The duties should be designed to help them grow mentally and become better adults. Depending on their age, there are multiple duties at home that you may allocate them as part of their responsibilities while at home. To make the whole process a learning moment, you should reward them if they do their duties exceptionally well. In this guide, we are going to look at how you can help your kids to make the most of their time.

How to Help Your Kids Make the Most of Free Time

Paper Round

While most people are now getting their news online, there is still a good number of newspapers that are being delivered to home. Therefore the paper round is still a good job for a kid to have during weekends and before school starts. Some paper shop may even ask them to help during weekends and holidays.

House Chores

You may ask both young children and teenagers to do many chores that you often need help to accomplish. Such tasks may include their rooms, vacuum clean, collect laundry, wash the car, and even do some polishing in exchange for cash. Teenagers are more likely to need the cash more to buy stuff such as mobile credit and even common gadgets.

Saturday Odd jobs

Many shops and hospitality industry business may need an extra hand during busy days such as weekends. Some of the jobs available for teenagers will include serving customers, helping in the stock room, and cleaning tables. You should allow them to do all that without disregarding safety rules.


Babysitting is one of the most common jobs that are going to be with us for a long time. While there is no age limit for babysitting, a common sense should prevail on when a child is able to babysit. Some of the people who may need babysitting services are you, family friends living nearby, close relations, or even the neighbors.

Walking Dogs

Busy neighbors will be happy to let your children help them walking their dogs. You child could earn easy money by walking one or two dogs simultaneously. As long as the dogs get on, all will be well. However, it is best to limit the number of dogs they can walk at the same time to a maximum of three.

Local Stables

Is your kid interested in horses and you live where there is a stable close by? There is a good chance they will enjoy working with horses during weekends and on school holidays. Some of the jobs they are likely to be given are feeding and exercising the horses, grooming the horses, and even mucking out the horses. Your child will therefore be happy, fit, and have some cash after when they come home.

Family Business

If you have a business, it is healthy to have your child help out with some of the tasks you pay employees to do. Such tasks include cleaning your office and dusting tables. You will then compensate for their time. You may also let them work at a friend’s business or other such businesses.

Local Farms

Many farms will give their children an opportunity to learn how the farm is managed in order that they may take over in future. If you do not own a farm but your kid is interested in working in a farm, you talk to a local farmer and see if they need help. Chances are they always need an extra hand. While still keeping your child’s safety first, they may even get a hands-on experience. If your kids show further interest, it may be a sign they should study agricultural related courses.

Local Sports and Leisure Centers

If your child enjoys sports, they would be thrilled to help in the local sports center or club. Some of the jobs available include keeping the locker room clean, helping at the reception, selling concessions and programs when there are matches, helping at the reception, and being a water girl or boy. That will not only keep the fit and earn them some money, but it will help them enjoy summer camps and advance their passion for sports.


We hope that found this article to be informative and engaging. Your kids should be able to feel you or someone else is rewarding them for the good work done. Just because they enjoy doing something, it should not be a reason not to reward their efforts. That will help them to learn that they can profit from doing what they are good at and pursue that passion to its fullest. Otherwise, they may soon lose interest and fail to appreciate at an early age the joy or earning and saving for a greater goal. Overall, your child should spend time doing small jobs where they earn and learn to be responsible adults.